F R E E   D O T T E D   W I R E F R A M E   P A P E R 

IMG_0677 - Version 2.jpg

Perfect for iOS, these dotted wireframe papers have all of the UI Elements marked down the sides, as well as half, third, and fourth markers along the top.

There are 4 varieties:

  • iPad Air - Landscape
  • iPad Air - Portrait
  • iPhone 5 - Landscape
  • iPhone 5 - Portrait

They come in both landscape and portrait mode for each device, so you have the appropriate UI & distance markers for any project.

How to use these files:

  • There are markers for 1/2s, 1/3rds, and 1/4ths along the top and bottom of the screens.  
  • There are also markers for UI elements:
    • Status Bars
    • Headers
    • Search Bars
    • Footers
    • Side Bars (iPad)
  • There are button size guides for the header and footer buttons
  • The half markers (side bars on iPad) and header markers line up with dots, so you can always draw straight lines without a ruler.

Please share with me photos of any sketches you make with these files at @MeganEHolstein